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Seren Ffordd Haze
joat036 25/09/11

A collection of previously unheard tracks and alternative versions from Wales' finest
purveyor of dark ambient Haze contains four pieces, merging together to form a one hour
longform trip into the darker territories of your imagination. This is drone, but not
formless. The pieces have themes and structures which only become apparent after several
plays. Deep listening music for those with a taste for the atmospheric and abstract.

Seren Ffordd explains:
Red River Rising is unreleased and inspired by the slow liquid movement of deep lava flows.
Almost a live recording (just the flickering sounds added later) made when exploring the
Novation Supernova synth.

Vapours V is a reworked track - the original was for a project that might hopefully come to
fruition one day.

Haze II is a longer version of the track released on 'Foglands' an Umbra label compilation.

Wings, Then Hammers was recorded at the same time as Strange Attractor. It had been chosen by
the late Jim Brenholts to be included in the book he was writing before he sadly passed away,
and is, as always, dedicated to his memory.

01. Red River Rising
02. Vapours V
03. Haze II
04. Wings, then Hammers

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