Next Future Sound Of London album
A new Future Sound of London album is in the works. Initially announced in 2003, Freedom Management stated on the forum "a new Amorphous Androgynous album and firstly a new Future Sound of London album". Rumours of an album of Isness mixes (which is believed to have morphed into The Otherness) followed, but the next full-length turned out to be the Amorphous record, Alice In Ultraland. All was quiet on the FSOL front until late 2006, with promotion for the 5.1 surround sound exhibition piece, "A Gigantic Globular Burst of Anti-Static", featured Gaz's announcement of the duo spending "six months working on a surround sound masterpiece". Elements of the Globular soundtrack seemed to be sourced from some of Brian's solo work, and the band have confirmed that some of these solo experiments by the guys, some of which - including PartSubMerged, Polemical, Heads Of Agreement, Six Oscillators In Remittance, EMS:Piano and The Orgone Accumulator - have appeared on MySpace and FSOLDigital, while others remain unknown, will form the basis for some tracks on the new album.
A title, "Light Beyond Sound", was mentioned a couple of times, and confirmed as a working title with the appearance of "A Tiny Point Of Light", another one-off exhibition soundtrack piece, released as a free download on FSOLDigital. The id3 tag named the album as "Light Beyond Sound". A stark, abstract piece, it was entirely new FSOL material. The band kept fans updated throughout 2007-10 via email, with quotes such as "loads of new tracks filling the box", "really locked in on the FSOL sound at the moment" and "hold tight for the new FSOL album, shaping up to be a killer" keeping fans on their toes. Much new material appeared on the band's Electric Brain Storms DJ mix series, most of which appeared on Environments 3, an album which featured a considerable amount of newly recorded material and can be seen, in many ways, as a new album. Two new recordings, 'Hollow Earth' and a piece currently of unknown title, appeared on the credits of a Tiny Point Of Light video on YouTube, and are currently unreleased. In an interview to promote the first Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble release in Upfront magazine, Gaz described the new FSOL record as containing "the introspective, kind of euphoric sadness that was always there in the FSOL melodies", while in an interview with Greek magazine Freeze, he described as the band's new sound as "the sound of one hand clapping - silence interspersed with a glitch in cellular memory. Frequencies unheard, activating the hypothalamus and a new strand of DNA. Sonic revolution bringing mankind home in silent union." The band have also described many tracks as being recorded and at some point in their progress, being labelled as Amorphous or FSOL depending on their direction.
Read more about the new album on the forum.

The Electric Brain Storms tracklists contain songs listed as Archive 6, including Somewhere and Kaaawa. Other tracks, such as Tudor Oak and How To Be A Genuine Fake remain unreleased, alongside transmission favourites such as Womb and Carlos, while titles including Switzerland, Under Pass, Dead Dolphine 2, Lifeform Album Varient, East Pacifica and Eleven Hot Knives appeared online in 2009. The band's 1994 and 1996 ISDN performances still contain a number of unreleased full tracks (not to mention between-track environments). Early piece The Z Storm, not included on By Any Other Name, has been located by the band and may also be released. Whether this material will form volume 7 (and potentially 8), or if the series is now complete, remains to be seen. A box set of all Archives has been hinted at for future release. Further archived releases include '2" Tape Reels', which is described as 'Various sessions - demos and outakes from the 2" multitrack recordings @ RAM studio. 16 songs - 1 hr 5 mins', including a bizarre mix of We Have Explosive previewed on the band's MySpace, and a series of jazzy recordings under the name 'The Jazz Mags', including EBS3 track Open Window and EBS1's Open Door.

The Amorphous Androgynous
Several AA releases have been suggested for the future. The long spoken of Amorphic Archives are due to follow the successful FSOL archive series, although may have been renamed to Amorphik Alternatives, if the Electric Brain Storm 1 online mix tracklist is anything to go by. The booklet for The Peppermint Tree contains covers for the following releases: The New Love Poetry, Wobbly Oozescapes and 2012, promising their availability on It is possible that one of these is the archive disc, but what the other two - or maybe even three - contain is currently a mystery. The Isness, currently out of print, is due for a re-release at some point in the near future. A remix of The Emptiness Of Nothingness, titled His Motherness, appeared on the band's MySpace in 2009, claiming to be from a forthcoming release called The Outerness. An interview at the Mojo awards features Gaz talking about an Amorphous 'best of' compilation called The Greatest Trips.

Environments 4
They keep on coming! The sleeve for Environments 3 contains an advert for the first two volumes, alongside the forthcoming fourth in the series. Whether this will be 'the new album' or a mixture of 'past, present, future' like the first three is currently unknown.

A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind
In the Freeze article, Gaz confirmed 'mix/DJ albums' will be coming out in the future. 'The Monstrous Bubble' will be an ongoing mix series featuring guest collaters at the behest of the Amorphous Androgynous and the FSOL." The label have announced they are releasing a series of compilations which will take ['A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble'] to even greater legendary status [than it's 1997 recording].' Since the death of Platipus records in 2010, the band have started their own Monstrous Bubble records, and plan to release future MPB mix CDs, plus music by other psychedelic artists, a Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Remixes album and other material on the label. A FSOL edition of the series is rumoured for future release.

FSOL and Amorphous DVDs
Several years ago, the official forum mentioned a FSOL DVD release - and the band are still in talks with EMI over this. Expect videos. Expect a long wait. In the nearer future, an Amorphous Androgynous DVD, containing unreleased audio and video from the Isness/Alice In Ultraland sessions, is set for release on Future Sound of London Recordings. A DVD of the band's 2009 live FSOL performance in Athens is expected soon from FSOLDigital, and will hopefully contain many extras, some of which have appeared on YouTube.

6 Oscillators In Remittance - Light Senses Dark Edges
Another of Brian's experiments, so likely to just appear as an mp3 release alongside Heads of Agreement, Polemical, Zeebox and PartSubMerged, one track is on FSOLDigital as a sampler. Made by oscillators reacting to light, this material is droney ambient.

EMS:Piano/Piano + EMS
Another project of Brian's, currently incomplete, will be out sometime in the future. Featuring the EMS synth and piano (unsurprisingly), the record is inspired by soundtrack work Brian's father had done. Two tracks were previewed on The Electric Brain Storm online radio show in June 2008, with more played on the second EBS show. The tracks are credited to both Dougans and Cobain, and some will feature collaborations with Daniel Pemberton (who also worked on Alice In Ultraland). The earlier pieces were largely electronic, while a piece entitled Grazing, credited to a now name-shifted Piano + EMS, appeared on Electric Brain Storm 6 in 2010, and was a beautiful mellow piano piece.

The Pod Room
The Pod Room is incomplete, and there are many, many more shows, from the band's 3D Headspace Tour and darker ISDN-era tour in 1994, and the epic 1996 fuck rock'n'roll tour in. The band also soundtracked a BBC television programme entitled W.S.H. (Weird Shit Happens), largely from ISDN-era material, and this may be appearing on The Pod Room soon.

The aforementioned film soundtrack of Mr. Dougans Senior is to be released on FSOLDigital in the future under the name Clyde Port Authority. Further FSOLDigital releases include rumoured new Headstone Lane material, an album by pianist and FSOL/Amorphous collaborator Daniel Pemberton and music by up-coming artists.

The band are currently working on a score and a "film remix" for forthcoming Brit horror flick Shh. The film is currently stuck in pre-production, but news will appear as and when it is ready.

Recent releases:
2nd September 2011: Cranium Pie - Mechanisms Part 1 (MP3)
11th May 2011: Herd - Tangents 41-47 (MP3)
10th February 2011: Second Thought - Safernoc (MP3)
1st November 2010: A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol 2: The 3rd Ear compiled and mixed by The Amorphous Androgynous (CD)
25th October 2010: The Future Sound of London - From The Archives Vol. 6 (CD)
2nd September 2010: The Future Sound of London - From The Archives Vol. 6 (MP3)
7th June 2010: The Future Sound of London - Environments 3 (CD)
21st September 2009: A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Vol 2: Pagan Love Vibrations compiled and mixed by The Amorphous Androgynous (CD)
9th August 2009: Zeebox - Zeebox 1984-1987 Volume 3 (MP3)
5th January 2009: The Future Sound of London - Environments 2, From The Archives Volume 5 (CD)